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Saturday, March 23, 2013

I have an unusual Idea

Soooo the State Militia as some people clai is the National Guard, however there is ALSO the Irregular Militia in many states.

What if the Legislatures of the States that have the Irregular Militia provision, were to enact wording to the effect that the AR-15 style rifle with it's accompanying standard capacity magazines were the "Official" weapons of the Irregular Militia.  And therefore are protected by State Law as such and CANNOT be banned or have their capability diminished through any Federal Legislative actions.

The whole "Gun Control" argument then devolves to what is a States Rights Issue, as each state can enact it's own laws in regards to it's own Irregular Militia's.

And the Irregular Militia member is responsible for supplying/maintaining his/her own weapon, the state simply supplies ammunition in time of call up.



And each member of the Irregular Militia would receive 300 rounds of practice ammunition per year, and would be required to qualify twice a year at a State Range.  County Sheriffs would hold the quals using standard known range pop up targets with timed fire.  Basically just like every kid in Basic Training.

Again, am I crazy?  Or might it actually work?


Chaplain Tim said...

Not a bad idea, but the semi-annual qualification would be a problem for sheriffs to conduct. Once a year would be easier it get people to attend. Range access and scheduling vary widely from region it region, as does the attitude of the local sheriff.
Maybe we could expand the idea to include REMF positions in the militia, too. My time in uniform was spent in Ordnance and Intelligence instead of a combat job but I think I still have things to offer. The tooth to tail ratio for a militia is going to be at least equal to that of a full-time army.

Old NFO said...

Interesting concept... Doubt that many Sheriffs would support it though.

Mark/GreyLocke said...

Sheriffs really wouldn't have a choice. The state government determines militia use and training, not the sheriffs.