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Monday, March 25, 2013

Amanda Knox Prosecutors need to learn

that just because they "Believe" someone is guilty, doesn't make it so.  And unless the evidence supports them they cannot just demand someone be put in jail.

"Knox has been free at home in Seattle since 2011 when an Italian appeals court threw out her murder conviction.
Despite the ruling, prosecutors and Kercher's family want to see Knox and Sollecito back in prison.
"We feel that Amanda and Raffaele are guilty and were in the room with Rudy Guede," Francesco Maresca, lawyer for the Kercher family, said as he entered the Corte di Cassazione, Italy's supreme court, in Rome today."

Seriously read that.  She is appealing her conviction for telling the truth about her treatment at the hands of the Police.  And the Police and the Prosecutors don't like the fact that their methods and lack of ethics are being brough to light, so they are now trying to misdirect the court of public opinion from the government actors performance of their duties, to the so called guilt of Ms. Knox.

So you read that story, and first understand a few things.

First Italy doesn't have a "Bill of Rights", their constitution doesn't guarantee people the same rights as ours does. They don't have a "Miranda" warning such as our police do.  They don't have to allow you many things that our laws specifically say you should have.  Such as you don't have the RIGHT to have an attorney present during questioning.  Also in Italy they had, I don't know if they still do, but they DID have secret courts, however those were supposed to only be used for cases involving terrorism and organized crime.  So Italy has in place the mechanics of basically grabbing you, holding you incognito, trying you in a secret court, and punishing you by putting you in a prison, without anyone knowing anything.

Re-read that portion.  I said the USED to have those mechanisms in place.  I don't know if they still do.  However with terrorism still around and the fact those were put into place SPECIFICALLY for fighting terrorism, that they found useful in their battle against organized crime, you can probably take it as a given that they still have some form of that judicial system in place.

And Amanda Knox, who claims that she was struck at least twice by a police officer and was not allowed access to an attorney during her questioning, was charged with and convicted of "Slander".

So you have to ask yourself, just what is the Italian Police and Prosecutor's trying to do?  Do they have enough evidence to convict Ms. Knox that hasn't been tampered with or contaminated?  Or do they just want to punish someone who upset their apple cart?

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