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Saturday, June 24, 2017

Monster Hunter Siege - I HATE Larry Corriea

I just finished Monster Hunter Siege E-ARC. And all I have to say is I HATE Larry Corriea.  He tells us of a great battle against an Extinction Level Event Monster/Creature/Deity, and while we get so invested in the main character, Owen Zastava Pitt, Larry drop kicks you in the gut right at the end.

I WANT to know what happens next.  NOW, Not months from now when he releases the next novel in the series.

I've become like a junkie, jonesing for a fix.  I want, no I NEED the next novel.

Larry has written a very compelling story that drags you in, twists your guts and then kicks you in the head and gut at the end.

I want to read more about Jason Lococo, Auhangamea Pitt, Owen's dad aka "The Destroyer".  I want to know about Owen's and Julie's child.

But Larry, decided to cut us off and leave us hanging.



If you haven't read any of Larry's books, I suggest you start with Monster Hunter International, If you click that you will be taken to it's page where the Kindle version is currently free.

Also check out his OTHER series of books, The Grimnoir Chronicles.  I just recently finished THAT series of 3 novels and I want to drive to Utah to Larry's house and force him to sit down and write more.  Only I don't want the ILOH to get annoyed with me, so I'll just ask him nicely of his Facebook page.

Look at his photo.  Would YOU want that man pissed at you?

And NO, I will NOT link to his Facebook page.  Larry doesn't need hundreds of people trying to add him as a friend on Facebook.  He has OTHER things to do. 

Like painting Miniatures, shooting, building a house on Yard-Moose Mountain, and writing more stuff for me to buy and read.

I WILL however link to the TWO Monster Hunter International pages on Facebook, which Larry DOES frequent and leave messages from time to time.

First: Monster Hunter Nation

And: Monster Hunter International - Hunters Unite!

Those two groups we talk about the novels, guns, what implements of destruction are necessary to kill what type of monster and what the PUFF would be.

So, I suggest you start by downloading Larry's first book and GET TO READING!!!!!


Michael Antoniewicz II said...

Do we tell him that 'MH Siege' is part of the three books John Ringo did and dumped on Larry and Toni to polish out of near nowhere after his muse kidnapped him? ;)

ps: This is something Ringo has been doing since Jim Baen read his first manuscript. Go to a con and wait for him to get into story telling mode to ask .. Jim's threat/reaction was cool. :P

Mark/GreyLocke said...

Oh HECK no!!!.

I've already gotten John pissed off at me once after I reviewed Strands of Sorrow from his Black Tide universe.

I'm not going through THAT again.