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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Some more gratuitous Gun Pron

I figured what they hey lets see if maybe I can get some linkage by posting some Gun Pron.

Here we go......

First up, my Taurus Revolver. I have carried this revolver for 10 years doing security in the Hell-Holes Known as Public Housing Authority buildings in North St. Louis City and County. Shown with my 4 speed-loaders and 2 knives which I carry almost everywhere I go, if I"m more than 20 minutes form the house.

This is my High Standard Model k1200 Riot Gun. I purchased this from a former sheriff in Missouri. Very very smooooooth.

This is my Romanian SKS with a folding stock from ATI and a 30rnd detachale magazine that took 6 hours of hand fitting to get it to feed right. Remember if you want to use detachable mags on a SKS they will need to be fitted to YOUR weapon. My mags will only works in my weapon, and that is only after filing, and bending the sheet metal to get to function right. And I'm not trying to be "Takti-Kool" I put a folding stock on this so it would fit behind the seat of my truck. The High Cap Mag is so the kids and I can plink without having to reload as much.

This is my newest acquisition. A Maverick 88 12 gauge pump with 5 round magazine. It now has an ATI folding stock and 18.5 inch barrel. I have a new green Hi-Viz front sight which I installed on the 28 inch barrel, and I have an extra to install on the 185 inch barrel.

Here it is with the 18.5 inch barrel and the folding stock. Once again I"m not trying to be takti-kool, it's just a LOT easier to store it this way.

This pic shows the SKS and the Mav 88 with their stocks folded and tucked under the table.

Here is my 1911A1, it's a Norinco but shoots very well the only mods are the pachmyer grips and some white out on the sights.

Well maybe I can has some linkage :o) We will see....


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