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Saturday, February 24, 2024

David Lucas’ Harriet Tubman Conspiracy Theory Is HILARIOUS - Timcast IRL

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MrLiberty said...

The PRIMARY reason why there are lighter skin folks in N. Europe and NOT black folks, is because a lack of melanin in the skin is what ALLOWS the body to make vitamin D from sun exposure in more northern areas. If you are black, and you are north of say NYC during winter time, you will make ZERO vitamin D even laying outside naked all day long. You CANNOT survive without vitamin D. Not just rickets, but also serious suppression of the immune system, whole hosts of serious immune-based diseases, etc. The likelihood that a black person (or many hundreds/thousands) made their way from sub saharan Africa across the Middle East, through what is now Russia, and into Canada, etc. all while making ZERO vitamin D for centuries during their slow migration, is PREPOSTEROUS. Yes, a black slave getting free, interbreeding with a "native American" and producing black/native children with very dark skin but straight hair, etc. is more than likely, and is well-known to have happened. But thinking or believing that blacks actually migrated into N. America by the same route that Asians (far lighter skin) did, is to go against the vitamin D/melanin connection that is well-documented and well-understood.