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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Proofs and beliefs

I like proof I can check and verify. While browsing the various blogs I found proof that Bush DID win the election in Florida. I sent this to my brother and my mother. I found proof that Bush is NOT the worst President in the U.S.'s history, I sent this to them also. Thier response? It doesn't matter, Bush got us in a war, he is the worst President, and he and big business conspired to steal the election. Now, I personally don't like our current resident of the White House, he has our troops dying because of faulty information, lack of material suuport and lack of proper intelligence. However, :HOWEVER:, other politicians are playing games hampering what he is trying to do. So I'll give him the benefit of the doubt. Others, such as my family members use nothing but emotion and will not accept or refuse to accept any proofs that do not follow thier beliefs.

Is that short sighted? Is that a myopic view? That they would refuse to acknowledge "PROOF" that what they think is wrong, and deny what should be self-evident, simply because of emotion?

Cindy Sheehan, her son served in our military and was killed in action. She has become a public laughingstock to most Americans, but to some members of the media and the political spectrum she is the new Joan of Arc a National heroine standing up to the mighty opressor of the Bush Administration. What do I think of her? I think she is a publicity seeking glory hound. When she first started I thought she was an Honorable woman who was standing up for all of our servicemen and servicewomen. But now? Well I'll let other tell it here. Her "Peace Camp" and her other "Messages" such as travelling to "Venuzeula" supporting a man who is slowly turning his country into a "Dictatorship", his recent actions with the shut down of a "Television Station" that broadcasts views opposed to him. Isn't that what democracy is about? Here in the United State, we have a "Representative Democracy" you can espouse your beliefs, and disagreement with the Political leaders of your country. Ms. Sheehan supports a man who is destroying democracy in his country. Is that what she wants? If Ms. Sheehan protested in Mr. chavez's country would she be treated as she has been here in the United States? Or like This?

Why is that when I say white, with proofs backing it up, and someone else says black without those proofs, people insist on seeing shades of gray?

Belief and Faith which are essential to religion, are also essential to people like my mother and brother. It won't matter what proof I bring, they believe and have faith that what they think is right and I am wrong. There is no argument, or proofs I could bring that they would accept. And they will not accept it from anyone else. Thier "Ego" and belief in thier own beliefs are a self perpetuating cycle that cannot be broken by mere facts.

The problem with this is that no matter what I say, disinformation from the media and politicians constantly bombard them with thier beliefs. and there is no way I can compete with that. I'm just a humble scribe who actually tries to get the truth, not the regurgitated politically motivated sputum, the media sources publish and broadcast.

The media and the politicians say we are losing the war in "Iraq" and yet i have friends who are IN Iraq and Afghanistan who say nothing of the sort. This CWO says that the media is actually responsible for our soldiers dying. Do you see this anywhere in the MSM? And yet my mother and brother refuse to even read these, becaue it interferes with thier BELIEF.

I'm tired and I'm going to bed..


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