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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Newest addition to the Gunsafe

I already own a Satin Nickel version of this pistol. I've had it since the early 90's when Taurus first started becoming a big concern. For many year Taurus was considered less than optimal in it's quality, however my experience with their revolvers is very good. I have fired thousands of rounds of standard velocity and +P ammunition out of my personal Model 82 with no malfunctions except a few that were ammunition related.

Now saying that here are the photos of my newest acquisition.

This Model 82 was purchased from J&G Sales In Arizona. We, meaning myself and other family members chipped in and purchased 5 of these revolvers and used a special J&G had to order 250 rounds of 158 gr .38 Special ammunition with them. My pistol is the worst of the 5 revolvers. What looks like the reflection of the flash in the photos is actually holster wear. This is the second time I've purchased from J&G and their service is quite good as it was the first time I purchased from them, which was my Tokarevs.

The cylinder chambers were very clean with no signs of pitting or corrosion in them.

You can see on the right hand side plate where the department identifier was removed from the pistol.

The bore was bright and shiny even after I scrubbed it out, and it was clean when I received it.

The lanyard ring is very firmly attached and swivels a full 360 degrees. When I pulled the grips off to see if I could remove the lanyard I cannot. There is a press fit pin on the inside that looks like it also has a pin through it to prevent it's removal. I'm not sure how the lanyard ring will work with how I shoot, but my other family members like the idea of the lanyard especially how I explained their use to them.

The pistol has been used as a police issue weapon as such it has some dings and dents and other issues. However I could see no issues other than cosmetic with this revolver.

The sights are similar to the S&W Model 10HB, a slot cut into the top strap with a ramp front. The top strap and top of the barrel are grooved to cut down on reflections which might interfere with sight acquisition just like my first Model 82 and over the years I've had no problems with sight acquisition. If this one shoots as well as my first pistol I will be happy as a clam. Now my definition of acceptable accuracy is 18 rounds inside of a 10" pie pan at 7 yards. Others may think this is unacceptable, but for me that is center mass in actual gunfight range, so that is my standard.

I'll be running some rounds through this in a week or so and I'll see how it shoots.

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