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Monday, March 12, 2012

2 more of the J&G Taurus 82's

Ok, I went over to my mothers house to clean her pistol and my cousins pistol. The first few shots show my mothers pistol, the last 3 are from my cousins pistol.

This is my mom's Taurus Mod 82 with the grips removed. You can see some of the rust under the grip area and at the edges of the grips area.

These are the grips that came with her pistol. Rather beat up and worse for wear. Since this is the pistol my mother is going to use, I took the grips from my original Model 82 which I took off when I put Pachmayrs on it, and put them on her pistol. I didn't get a photo of it because I forgot, but after a thorough cleaning and the grips from my pistol it looks very good.

Here is my mom's pistol with the cylinder and crane removed. If you do not know enough about firearms to do this, don't ask me to tell you because I won't. You can damage your pistol if you do it incorrectly, and make it unsafe to use. There was a lot of fouling buildup on the inside of the frame and crane area which I removed using a phosphor bronze brush and some Hoppe's #9. The the whole frame was given a scrubbing as well.

Here is mom's pistol with the sideplate removed , so I could get inside to clean out all the fouling. Once again if you do not know what you are doing, I am not going to tell you. If you do not have the knowledge to do this properly you can DESTROY, yes I said DESTROY your pistol by damaging the sideplate and frame. So if you don't know, don't do it. Take it to a gunsmith to do this. I once again took my phosphor bronze brush soaked in Hoppes to clean out the inside, Q-tips help out here a lot, as well as a small magnetic jewelers screwdriver, to get all the gunk and junk out of the pistols internals.

This is my cousin's pistol, with very heavy fouling. It took me a lot of scrubbing, Q-tips and time to get all the fouling out and the grittiness out of the action.

It looks a little better here, but it still took me a while to get it all cleaned up.

This last pic I threw in to show the transfer bar safety. This is why I prefer the old Taurus's to the old S&W revolvers. The old S&W don't have a firing pin per se, they have what is called a "Hammer Nose", which is a physical firing pin on the nose of the hammer. With the old S&W a sharp strike on the back of the hammer "COULD" fire a round. Not exactly something I want to carry in a holster pointing down my leg at my knee and foot.

Both pistols took me about an hour to clean. Not surprising considering that these were police turn ins. The bores look good and other than having some gritty feeling in the action from all the fouling. The trigger breaks rather nicely at 6-8 lbs for double action and around 2 -3 lbs for single action. Not bad for a $139.95 pistol.

All of these pistols should be getting some rounds through them either this week or next, so I can see how they group at 7 yards. That is the most common self-defense usage range so that is what I will have my mother and cousin practice for.

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