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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Primary Surgery Non-Trauma and Trauma

While cleaning up my bookmarks, I found a link from way back when I still had slow 33.6k dialup that I had never bothered to use BECAUSE I had slow 33.6k Dial Up.

When I checked it, it was a dead link, however it is something I have been hoping to add to the KTD Drive. It is the Book/Manual, Primary Surgery.

Since the link was dead, I went looking for it to see if it was available elsewhere on the net.

I found many copies of it, however those copies were without the illustrations. which for something like surgery is rather important.

Finally a lightbulb appeared over my head and illuminated something for me.

The Wayback Machine at

So I checked the Wayback Machine and Lo and Behold, they had the files.

So I present to you the link to download the Manual, Primary Surgery.

The direct link to the various PDF files is: Primary Surgery Downloads

The total size of the files on my hard drive is 231 MB. All of the chapters were never fully digitized so there are some chapters missing.  The files that were Digitized however are still important to add. And I will be adding the files to my personal KTD Drive. I will also zip them up and upload them to my Google Drive Account and make the download link available for any who wants to download ONE file instead of 50.

ETA: the file is zipped and uploaded to my Google Drive the link is:

It will be a day or two before I upload them however. When I do, I will update the Main KTD Page.

NOTE: The main reason I want these files on my KTD Drive ISN'T so "I" can try to do surgery. It is so the information is available for those who DO have the skills necessary to do something like that in case of an Emergency. Who would those people be? Believe it or not, a Veterinarian CAN do surgery on a human in an Emergency. So can a Physician's Assistant, certain Paramedics, PRN's, certain RN's. IF they have the equipment and the knowledge base to support them. Meaning, the MANUALS.

I have a relation who was born ONLY because the local Veterinarian performed the caesarian section on his mother, saving both of their lives in the process. There were no helicopter ambulances back in the early 60's, and the regular ambulance was still over an hour away. The local Veterinarian was 1/4 mile away and he had his kit in his truck.  This was back in the day of party line telephones, when if there was an emergency at one places all your neighbors on the same line knew about it and would come running to help if they could.

So the purpose of all the various medical manuals I am putting in the KTD Drive, isn't for just me. It is also for those who have the training to use them to help save lives if it is necessary.

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