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Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Kitchen Olympics

Well the kids have been slacking, the kitchen floor hadn't been mopped properly in 2 weeks and my floor wasn't looking as white as it should. So last night I told the kids it's time to do the DREADED KITCHEN OLYMPICS. The looks of utter horrible GLEE as it sank in that they would get to SCRUB the kitchen floor. Yes that's right the dreaded Glee, I swear thier smiles were heartbreaking, you would think I had just given them a puppy they smiled so big. "Awwww DAD, do we HAVE TO?" yes kids we have to. So we broke out the scrub brushes, the bucket and Pine cleaner, mixed it up and they started the scrubbing the floor. The chant they had going reminded me of slaves on an Athenian Galley all I needed was the drum to keep the pace and the whip for any slackers. But oh, the horror, the laughter as they scrubbed and slid across the floor, I was afraid I might have pushed them to hard as they all fell laughing to the floor after sliding across the length of the kitchen and dining room, my youngest daughter was complaining that the brush wouldn't get into the nooks and cranny's and she didn't want the dreaded tickle attack if she failed to get them clean. The 4 boys, thier clothes soaked with dirty water from sliding across the floor screamed in fear as they neared the carpeting of the family room, the bump as they transitioned from the linoleum to the carpeting. Oh we might need an ambulance they grabbed themselves and screamed. Watching them trying to walk on the slick wet floor slipping and sliding, thier groans and muttering and the laughter, Oh the Humanity..

Finally after 30 minutes of scrubbing it was time to mop up the water and dry the floor, the kids yells of "DAAAAaaaaaaddddd!"!!, but we got the mop out and started soaking up the water. While My oldest daughter and I did that daughter #2 herded the rest of the muchkins to the master bathroom and it's extra-large tub, and piled in the 3 youngest ones. Ooooohhh It's the dreaded bubblebath, the screams and squeels Oh, I must be a monster to Inflict such damage on thier fragile Psyche's.

The kitchen floor was by now mostly dry, so daughter #1 and I put the chairs and stools back. The floor was once again "white" like it is supposed to be, not a speck of dirt or detritus anywhere. The kids were getting cleaned up and in thier PJ's for bed. Last stop before bed, Shrek 3D and a bowl of popcorn. Oh, I'm such a horrible father to expect them to sit up watching a movie and eating popcorn after so abusing them by having them perform the dreaded "Kitchen Olympics"


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