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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Farmers Guns Trifecta

I have posted before about my single shot 12 ga and my .22 Pump rifle as "Farmers Guns"  I have now completed the Trifecta of Farmers Long guns.  I still need to get an old .22 revolver either an H&R or Iver Johnson 7, 8 or 9 shot to complete the whole set.

With that below is the "Trifecta"

The "Trifecta"

New England Firearms Pardner Top Break 12 Gauge.

Amadeo Rossi S.A. The Squire, Imported by Interarms 12 Gauge s/s

Sears Ranger 102.35 Actually a Savage Model 29a Take-down Pump Action .22 s,l or lr
All I need is one of the old Iver Johnson or H&R .22 revolvers and I have the "Farmers Guns" set complete.  I would love to get one of the Iver Johnson Top Break .22's, but to find one in decent enough condition that is safe to shoot I would probably have to put out a pretty penny for it.

I finally got my S/S, and it wasn't one of those short barrel imports that has very bad ergonomics which makes shooting painful.  I had to do a lot of cleaning to this "Squire" and there are a few rust spots that will need further attention.  But for what I paid for it, I'm happy.

Now I need to get the Ranger and the NEF cleaned up so they match their newest sibling.  I'm going to have bunch of fun hand rubbing those stocks, and cleaning up the bluing as much as I can.

And while I own some EBR's I don't really enjoy shooting them as much as I enjoy shooting these old fashioned ones.  However I LOVE hitting the bullseye at several hundred yards with those EBR's.  But for just pure fun shooting, I like these old guns.

I'd add a picture of my .50 cal muzzle loader, but it's Rynite stock clashes with the wood stocks of these.


Old NFO said...

Very nice- No high dollar, but definitely guns with a history! Enjoy shooting them!

Brian said...

It wouldn't hurt to have a Marlin or Winchester .30-30, then you'd definitely be all set.

I've got an H&R 949 9-shot .22 pistol among my farmer's guns.

Mark/GreyLocke said...

I'd love to have a good .30-30, but most of the farmers around when I was growing up had either an M1 Garand, M1 Carbine, Krag-Jorgenson or an Old Trapdoor Springfield. I actually only remember one farmer having a Lever Action and his was a .22. But for my personal use I'd like a lever gun in .357 Magnum before I got one in .30-30.

Roberta X said...

You might be surprise -- my Iver Johnson .22 revolvers were both in the $250 range. Both needed work -- the trigger return spring. One was readily fixable, the other one, well, when the gunsmith finds the right spring, he'll call me.

The Sealed 8 is a surprisingly nice gun to shoot and plenty accurate.

The H&R "pull pin" .22 revolvers also tend to be affordable. Not as convenient as the top=breaks but genuine "sleepers" if you are after a plinking revolver.

Mark/GreyLocke said...

I wouldn't mind having any of the IJ or H&R .22's. Just a wish list. On your IJ which spring is it? My ex-father in Law and I used to rebuild old IJ revolvers and many times we had to make springs as Numrich wouldn't have them. If it's a flat spring, those normally only took an hour or so to make if we had the right thickness of spring steel in stock, roll or spiral springs, well we had plenty of piano wire and other types of wire available and plenty of brass for tempering.