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Friday, May 17, 2013

FEG AP 765 holster and magazines

Remember my FEG AP 765?  Well I've been trying to find a decent holster for it.  After checking many forums I determined that a holster for a Walther PP or PPK would NOT work.  However a holster for a SIG P230 or P232 should work.  So using my mad E-bay skills I went looking for a holster for a SIG P230/232.  I found a leather DeSantis model 75 for the Beretta 85/SIG P230/232 and a Nylon model from Holstermart USA that is from Akar Holsters.  The DeSantis arrived in 2 days, the one from Holstermart arrived after 8 days.

Here is how they stack up so far.

DeSantis model 75

DeSantis model 75
Do you see where the muzzle of the pistol extends past the bottom of the holster?  And just how deep the pistol sits in it?  I tried to draw from this holster and almost every time, I pulled the holster almost out of my pants during the draw. Also the FEG rocks inside the holster shifting forward and back.  On reholstering you have to pull the holster almost completely out to effect the reholster.  So I cannot recommend this holster for the FEG.

Holstermart USA Holster - Akar Holsters

Holstermart USA Holster - Akar Holsters
Now this is the holster from Akar Holsters, I purchased from Holstermart.  It sits in there flush and when carried IWB it holds the pistol firmly with no rocking or shifting.  On the draw the holster stays put in the waistband of my pants.  On reholstering, I just need to shift my hips a little bit to get it in all the way.  So for a FEG I can recommend this one.

Now for my extra magazines.  The FEG only came with 2 magazines.  After several hours of reading various forums and different google searches showing me extra magazines costing about 34 to 55 each.  It was the P64 forum, that gave me a link to Centerfire Systems which had the magazines for $15.99.  So I ordered 4 of them.

The one with the white tape is the one Centerfire Systems sent a replacement for
All together plus one up the spout equals 50 rounds.

When the mags arrived they needed cleaning as they had a light coating of grease on them. However one had a small problem. It had no baseplate retainer in it so the base plate would just slide off, it is the one with the white tape on it in the pics above.  I called Centerfire Systems and gave them my order number and told them the problem, the gentleman I spoke to said "We'll have a new one out to you monday."  And in today's mail?  1 new mag No Charge.  So far I haven't been able to test fire this pistol with these new magazines, but that should happen this weekend.

So for the FEG AP 765 from J&G Sales you can get extra mags from Centerfire Systems, and a proper fitting holster from Holstermart USA.  I'm still going to keep looking out for a baseplate retainer for that last mag, that way I will have 49 rounds in mags.  I also plan on getting some more magazines when they can fit in the budget so I'll have spares.  Remember the AP 765 and the PA-63 share many parts, so if I can find a baseplate retainer for the PA-63 it should fit the AP 765 magazines.

EDIT: 7/31/2016

If you are looking for a factory original magazine for the FEG AP765/FEG MBK/FEG Hege .32/FEG AP66/FEG MBP/FEG AP7, Sarco Arms has them currently in stock at the following link

Original Hege .32 Magazine

Buy Mil Surps also has them in stock occasionally at the following link

Magazine, USED FEG AP7

The link to Centerfire Systems no longer works and only goes to their main page.

Also, there is some confusion about various magazines.  Most are listed as 7 round capacity, however there are witness holes for loading 8 rounds, and mine are loaded with 8 rounds and they feed and function with 8 rounds. YMMV, as a friend of mine has a FEG MBP and his magazine only has witness holes for 7 rounds and will NOT take an 8th round like mine will.  Otherwise our two pistols look identical except for the markings and the witness holes in the magazines.

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Re: Original used mags for FEG AP 32ACP. gunmag warehouse has them.
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