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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Some Gun Pron while I

get all the various photos, business cards and sales flyers together from the NRA Annual Meeting.

After I returned home from the meeting with #2 Sprog, I had the rest of the kids unload the S-10 and then I collapsed.

However Monday....  Monday, I called my preferred FFL in town to see if my FEG AP 765 from J&G Sales had come in.  It had.  And I dragged my butt out of bed around 1400 got ready and drove into town to pick it up and take care of my paperwork.

And the pistol as it came from J&G is very good, as the pics will show.  The only thing I did was to wipe off my drool and smudges from my own fingers, before taking the following photos.

I'm looking for some of the flat replacement grips for it.  I've found a guy in Hungary who makes custom wood grips for less than $80.00 shipped.  So after I fire a box through it, I'll decide if I want to order them.

The aluminum/titanium alloy frame has some dings in the coating on it, but nothing that detracts from it in any way, in my opinion.  There is a touch of holster wear on the right side of the slide, and a small blemish on the left slide of the frame, but for what I paid for this pistol, I think I got a good deal.  So hopefully this weekend I can put a box through this and to see how it functions and how accurate it is.

The pistol came with 2 magazines, and I've found a place that has others for a decent price so I ordered 4 extra mags.  I'll post the info on those after I try them out, hopefully the extra mags will be here before I take this pistol out to the property and try it out.

For what it is and for what I paid for it, this is the closest I'll be able to come to my inner James Bond.  And yes I know he carried a PPK, except in Dr. No he actually carried a Walther PP, not his trademark PPK.  Since this pistol is a slight improvement of the Walther PP, I'll keep this one.  Many of the parts of this pistol interchange with the FEG - PA-63.  You might want to look at both of those links plus the main site of the first one.

So watch this space, more content is coming.


CoolChange©© said...

That looks good. I really have a warm heart for the thumb rest grip.(School me if that's not the proper name.) I had that on my Star .380 and am looking for the same for my Fire Star .45.

Mark/GreyLocke said...

Thumbrest grips is correct, good sir. My only issue with them is I shoot left and right handed plus if this shoots well enough this will become my EDC pistol, so I want nice flat grips for my left hand plus I want it to fit in, it's holster properly.