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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Gobal Warming/Climate Change/AGW

I found this while perusing a few other places and thought it very interesting.

"The problem with modern science is that it is so compartmentalized.

"Scientists" rarely become highly educated in more than one field, because, well, to be blunt... most scientists aren't thooper geniousez. The average scientist is... average, and human knowledge is to vast.

What is needed is a summary free of socialistic politics/religion of global warming.

The problem with "global warming" or "global cooling" is that so many scientists try to understand it based on incomplete information. Some things that are almost never mentioned in the papers are things like...(forgive me as I wax scientific) All data given here can be verified.

1. Oceanography: oceans are a massive carbon source/sink which absorb or emit CO2 into the atmosphere over long time scale: as needed (time scales of centuries). CO2 ends up turning into rock if there is a vast excess of carbon dioxide in the ocean, that rock eventually comes back up in volcanoes (see #2). (one such common rock layer is called calcium carbonate, AKA limestone) a zoom in of "al gore's" infamous charts prove that atmospheric carbon dioxide levels FOLLOW global temps... in oceanography this is well known. If you want proof, open a Cold Beer then open Hot Beer (preferably outside, you can thank me later).

2. Geology: Plate tectonics- volcanoes et. al. put out orders of magnitude more pollution than the whole of humanity.

3. Physics: Thermodynamics: The sun, you know, that big ball of fire in the sky? It make stuff hot. More on this later, cause it's a bit more complicated than all that.

4: Astrophysics: Cosmic rays cause cloud formation.Situation= sun is in a "hot cycle".

The solar wind forms a "bubble" in space, protecting the earth from cosmic rays. When the sun is "hot" then the solar wind blows harder. When the solar wind blows harder, then fewer cosmic rays can reach earth. Less cosmic rays= less clouds. Less clouds = more sunlight reaching earth's surface. More sunlight reaching earth's surface = HOTTER.

When the sun is "cool" the solar wind is weaker, so more cosmic rays get through the "space bubble". Cosmic rays hitting the atmosphere cause more clouds, which reflect sunlight back into space before it reaches the earth's surface... thus cooling the earth.

5. Biology: my personal favorite. Plant growth is determined by a great many things. However with most of these things (minerals/water/sunlight) you can only give a plant a certain maximum amount to increase growth. You give more than that, you kill the plant or the plant just doesn't get any bigger or grow any faster, no matter how much more you give to the plant. There is one nutrient however that will make a plant grow bigger and bigger, faster and faster... Carbon Dioxide.

That's right folks, want to feed the world? No More Starving children? More CO2 in the atmosphere is a good thing. 

This is in a discussion about John Ringo's book, "The Last Centurion".  If you haven't read the book, I highly suggest that you do.

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Old NFO said...

Yep, application of 'common sense' works... :-)