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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

National Magazine AR-15 20 Round Magazines - DON'T BUY!!!

I got four of these magazines from CTD, and I've seen them offered at Bud's, Dick's and many other places.

A helpful piece of advice.

Save your money.

They are junk.

They are supposed to be 20 round magazines, I was never able to get more than 18 rounds in them.  They FTF, double and triple feed, one magazine dumped out FIVE rounds.  My rifle was bound up for almost 30 minutes while I fixed that.

I mean I have over a dozen CAA mags and I've only had ONE of them screw up on me where if you load more than 26 rounds in it it would just release half of them.

Well CTD is sort of replacing these.  They are sending me ProMags  but I have to pay the difference AND the postage.  I don't really like that.  AT ALL!

They sold me FOUR junk magazines, and they are charging me the difference between the next higher mags and the National Magazine garbage PLUS they are making me pay for the shipping.

In my personal opinion, if they wanted to make the customer happy they would send me the mags without charging me for the shipping.  I can understand paying the difference, but why should "I" have to pay for the shipping TWICE?

I offered to send these hunk of junque's back to them, but they didn't want to send me a RMA and pre-paid return packaging.  So I was told to trash 'em.

What I'm going to do is perform a forensic autopsy on them and try to figure out why they are so screwed up.

Just did a quick comparo between my polymer CAA's and the NATMAG's

First off the feed lips are too short, and not bent properly.  Second the floor plates are messed up.  It's hard to compare a metal floor plate and a polymer floor plate but from what I"m seeing, that is also one of the problems.

And I just disassembled one.  The follower is yellow and appears to be the anti-tilt variety.  However it doesn't move through the mag body cleanly and easily.  Also the mag spring wasn't attached to the follower and was backwards.  Let me put this together the way it's supposed to be and do a quick check.

YIKES!  I didn't think it was possible, but it's even WORSE!.

I could only get 15 rounds in it and trying to do a feed test the second round was a triple feed and the as I cleared that and checked the next round to feed, it dumped 5 rounds.  I had to shotgun it to clear it enough to even drop the mag itself.

Stripped the mag back down.  The inside of the body is rough like it's been bead blasted and parkerized.  The yellow follower feels like it's a cheap plastic NOT like the follower of my inexpensive CAA mags.

If anyone has one of the older MagPul followers and springs or even the MILSPEC follower and spring for a 20 round mag, they don't need and wouldn't mind sending it to me, I'll check and see if that helps.  But with the too short and improperly bent feed lips I doubt even that would help.

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