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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Beretta 71

I purchased a Beretta 71 with a "Mock" suppressor from J&G Sales. I forgot to take a picture of it before I went hog wild with a grinder to get the "Mock" suppressor off, however a Gentleman on Reddit who is a pretty decent photographer took some good photos of his, with the same type of thread adapter I purchased for mine and his Huntertown Arms suppressor.

I won't poach his pics, but here is the link to his gallery on Imgur: Suppressed Beretta 71 Jaguar - Album on Imgur

Now on mine after getting the "Mock" suppressor off I cleaned up the threads with a wire brush and then took it shooting.

Yup still shooting the Aguila 60 gr sub-sonic ammo.  The Beretta ate it up as well as the CCI Mini-Mags, Winchester White Box, Federal bulk pack and the last of some old old OLD Remington .22 LR, I bought way back in the early 90's. I only had 2 FTF's and 1 FTE out of over 800 rounds the boys and I fired that day, both of them with the old Remington ammo. The Aguila though wouldn't feed the first round unless you only loaded 6 in the magazine. Hence you see me loading the first round into the chamber manually.

Now I looked around to find a thread adapter for the threaded barrel. Both for the idea that I might in the future get a suppressor for and because I wanted the pistol to look better and protect the threads.

I found a decent deal on a 1/2X20 to 1/2X28 adapter from Tactical Inc. I paid $24.99 plus $9.99 shipping and it arrived here in less than 6 days.

Then I ran into my first real problem. The threads on the barrel were slightly bunged up, either from my removal of the "Mock" suppressor or from it's original installation.

So I had to buy a new Tap and Die set as I didn't have the proper Die for the 1/2X20 threads.

After getting a new Tap and Die set, and chasing the threads and the use of a little bit of cutting oil, the adapter threads on just a little tight.

This particular adapter is a little long however and the barrel threads only goes about half way into the adapter. So in the future, I will probably take it to a machinist and have it shortened.

Next, I needed at least one extra magazine. YIKES these mags are expensive.

I got a brand new magazine from Triple K paying almost $56.00 with the shipping.

The new magazine works just as well as the magazine that came with the pistol, so when I can afford it, I'll probably buy another one and I might also try one of the 10 round magazines from the Beretta 76 which will also work with this pistol.

And now for some pics.

Here it is with it magazine.  Notice the Magazine has the aluminum baseplate.

The left side, you can see it's dings and dents.

The threads on the barrel after I cleaned them up with a 1/2X20 Die.

There is not a lot of wear inside.

If I hadn't removed the "Mock" suppressor, I would not have been able to remove the barrel for proper cleaning.

The 1/2X20 to 1/2X28 Thread Adapter I purchased from Tactical Inc.  Yes I buggered it up a bit trying to get it on.

Showing the 1/2X28 threads with the thread protector removed.

Now mounted on the Beretta

This adapter only goes about halfway on to the threads.  There just aren't that many threads for it to go on.  So I will probably be cutting this down so the barrel will fit all the way in the adapter.

Original Beretta Magazine on the left with the aluminum baseplate, the Triple K Magazine on the right with what appears to be either plastic or a type of polymer baseplate.  The loading nub on the Triple K is on the right side of the magazine.

The loading nub on the Beretta Magazine is on the left side of the Magazine.

The Triple K mag works just as well as the original Beretta Magazine.  I am a little concerned about the baseplate's durability, but only time will tell.

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