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Thursday, April 7, 2016

First Look Kel-Tec Gen 2 Sub 2000 9mm

I finally was able to get a Kel-Tec Sub 2000.  I've only been trying to get one for almost 2 years.

Target Sports USA sent out their mailer and before I posted it, I saw they had the Gen 2 Sub 2000 in stock, so I ordered it.  According to their website, they had 25 in stock.  After I got my order in their in stock total dropped to 6.  It took almost 10 days to get here, but I got it Wednesday and I picked it up at the dealer in town, NOT my normal dealer which I'll be talking to my FFL about getting their license on file with Target Sports.

Right after I got my order in with Target Sports USA, I went over to Centerfire Systems to order 5 of their Korean 9mm 33 round Glock magazines.  They got here in 3 days.  For it's first range trip though, I only loaded them to 20 rounds to get the springs broken in.

I've since ordered a Glock Magazine loader off of E-bay from a seller I've dealt with before. Two loaders with free shipping for less than $15.00 is a pretty good deal.  They should be here Saturday.

I used the Tula Bi-metal FMJ 115 gr 9mm that I got from earlier this year when I bought my FEG P9M and Browning Hi Power.

Well I'll let the video I shot say the rest of the story

My target from Wednesday.

Aiming point was the X

Aiming point was center of the head

Aiming point was the 8

Aiming point was the 8

Aiming point was the 7

Aiming point was the 7

Now for some pictures of it after it's first range trip.

It comes in a really spiff box which makes storage easy.  I wish they would make a polycarb or hard plastic case for it similar to this.  It would be perfect to slide under the rear bench seat of the Suburban or behind the seat of my S-10.

How it looks when you open the box.

Locked in place

Folded port view

Folded starboard view

The buttstock is adjustable by removing the pin and sliding it out.  I did this after my range trip, it's still a little too short for me to shoulder it comfortably.  The angle of the stock and that very sharp edge digs into my collar bone every shot and the sharp toe of the stock which has a short pic rail on it for some reason, also digs in when firing it from the bench.

The front sight is adjustable like the AR-15/M-16/A1.  When I adjusted it though it wobbles inside it's housing, leading me to think there may be some accuracy issues.  A few other VidBloggers have stated the same thing.  Several companies are offering different front and rear sights for both the Gen1 and the Gen 2, however I'll wait until there are a few more options.  Kel-Tec might offer their own fix for it, so I'll wait a bit.

My current after thoughts;  This is a fun little Pistol Caliber Carbine.  However, extended shooting is painful as it comes from Kel-Tec.  I've already ordered a Receiver Tube Cover from  Tacticool Products, so I don't think the problems with bashing my cheekbone will be an issue.  However, the trigger, HURTS.  I don't know about you, but I use the very tip of my index finger on rifles, pump shotguns and single action semi-automatic handguns.  I use the first joint of my index finger on double action revolvers, double action semi-auto pistols and single shot or double barrel shotguns.  Shooting this Kel-Tec is like shooting my mother's Kel-Tec P-32, except the pain is on my fingertip instead of the outside of my first knuckle.  I so far haven't found any suggestions through Google about how to deal with this trigger.

The crossbolt safety was a little rough the first few times I used it.  It has smoothed up considerably

Extending the stock to it's full length is a little difficult.  The retaining pin requires some english to get it free, and removing it completely requires three hands.  Reinserting also requires some english to line everything up, and I hope you have your helper.

I've only got 115 rounds through this so far, but I'll be having my friend Ken and his wife Sam trying it out possibly this weekend.  I'll be sure to bring one of the video camera to get their opinions.

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