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Saturday, July 1, 2017

I just ordered a new shotgun

It is a SAS12.  Which according to everything I've read so far is a Brolin Arms/DDI/Century Arms/Norinco etc. shotgun.  I just ordered it from Centerfire Systems, so it will be a week or so before I get it delivered to my Local FFL.

It comes with 2 3 round magazines, which according to everything I've been reading it is actually a 2 round mag with one in the chamber.

I've found a few videos on it.

Supposedly, spare magazine will be available in 45-60 days.  As inexpensive as these are, I hope that 5 and possibly 7 round magazines get made for them.

I'm not looking for a "Tactical" shotgun.  I've never owned a semi-auto shotgun, so I'm just looking to get one that I can mess around with that I can afford.  Considering the least expensive semi 12 ga I've seen runs in excess of $250.00.  I can't get a Browning Auto-5 or a Remington Model 11 for even THAT low of a price.  Unless I want to get one that is beat to hell and will require a LOT of repair.

I don't need a VEPR or a Saiga, nor do I want one.  I just want one that I can use for shooting at cans and bottles and maybe for shooting wild hogs or trying my hand at trap or skeet.

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