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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Firearms I lust after......

This is a small list of firearms I have on my wish list for anyone who is rich and would like to buy me a Christmas Gift :)

#1 Charter Arms Explorer II Pistol

A Standard AR-7, I used to have one many years ago but financial problems forced me to sell it

A Short Magazine Lee-Enfield SMLE Mk4#1 Once again I had one before but finances forced me to sell it.

A pair of Colt 1851 Navies, I used to have 4 of these pistols, 3 brass frame CVA kits I built myself and 1 Pedersoli Steel frame that was a gift from my Ex-Father in Law. What can I say finances were very tight I had 2 kids with child #3 due within weeks and I had to sell them,

A Springfield Armory M6 Scout in .22 LR over .410 Never had one but I've fired a few and they are actually nice little shooters.

A Trapdoor Springfield in .45/70, I had one for about a week then I saw my current 1911A1 and I horse traded for it.

A Remington Rolling Block in .45/70 NOT the .43 Spanish Mauser, I had in in .43 and I HATED it. The ammo is filthy dirty and accuracy is not the greatest, whereas the rolling blocks I had fired in .45/70 were nice accurate rifles.

A savage Model 24, .243 Remington over 20 gauge. A friend of mine had on of these rifle/shotgun combos and it was a sweet weapon.

A C. Sharps Arms in .50/110, many people have told me that they never made a Sharps in that caliber, well I've personally held 2 of them and fired one. Longest shot I've ever made in my life I hit the gong at 750 yards with the tang sight, the sound of "WHANNNNG!" is one of the most memorable sounds of my life.

A good 16 gauge Flintlock Fowler, I love Black Powder weapons.

An Old Krag-Jorgensen in .30/40

These are the main weapons on my wish list. Yes I'm an old fuddy duddy when it comes to firearms :)


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Fits said...

Of all the ones on your list the only firearm still in my possession is the AR-7.

Always quite fussy in feeding just any old .22, I all but gave up plinking with it until hitting upon CCI Stingers, that feed, fire, and fling with nary a hiccup. For what its worth, also cured my Remington 597 as well with these rounds