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Monday, February 27, 2012

I feel that conflict is coming

A major conflict. A world changing conflict. A conflict that will change everyone's lives and not for the better. Read the news with what is happening in the middle east, Washington D.C., our country's schools. And you start looking around for the little handbasket.

I am going to post some links here. A few of them are posted over on the side bar under Special links. These are sites I recommend you go to and read up on how to prepare your homes and families for what I pray is NOT coming in the near future. However to be completely honest, I feel that with the current political situation, coupled with person and businesses taking cruel advantage of the so-called "End of the Mayan Calendar", things are going to go sideways in a hurry. For the record. I DO NOT believe this end of the world theory borne out by the "Maya" calendar or Nostradamus or any other "Prophecy" There are many people who do however. And in their haste they could create a self-fulfilling prophecy. and THAT is what I am concerned about. Also for the record. I have been involved with Emergency Preparedness since the late 1980's, back when people who tried to prepare for natural disasters were labeled "Evil Survivalist's" I am not a Survivalist. I am a realist. Natural Disasters happen. Wars happen, Terrorism happens and losing your job or the collapse of the financial markets happen. I'd like to have my family prepared so that when one of the above DOES happen, I can feed my family good food, clothe them in clean clothing, and be sure that we are still able to live mostly as we do before an incident happens. The people of Occupy Wall Street would call me a 1 percenter because I don't intend to wait on charity or the government to come along and hold my hand like many residents of New Orleans did after Katrina. Sorry, but I'd rather help myself. That way if something goes wrong, I know who to blame. ME.

Now below is a few links with some explanation.
I am a member of this website. I have been a member since 2003. I have written some of the articles on this web site. Just look for articles written by "GreyLocke" and that's me. I am one of the few members of the site who actually "outs" ourselves and lets people know who we are. In fact I am on many different sites under the name greylocke. I won't list them as a few don't need to be harassed by people looking me up. And if you are wondering what greylocke means, it mean gray hair or gray beard. If you've seen my profile picture you know I have both. LDS Food Calculator
Calculate your food storage needs.

Food Storage Guide FAQ .PDF
A FAQ about your food storage

Backwoods Home 7 most common Food Storage Mistakes

LDS Food Storage page

I had a few links over there that dead ended but I've removed them now.

Now for a few links of very useful information.

Third World Technology files
Get Bit Torrent install it then download the torrent of ALL the files from this web site. I have and I have made backup copies of it across 3 external hard drives. It is over 14 GB of compressed files, after uncompressing there is over 20 GB of information. Also I seed the files through Bit Torrent and I urge you to do the same to disseminate the files as widely as possible.

Bit Torrent
If you don't already have it

7 zip
The program I use to compress and decompress archive files

An alternative Technology/Living web site.

A Compendium of Useful Information
Bob is a little more concerned with the Peak Oil scenario but he does have useful information.

Primitive Ways
Just what is says, but my kids have enjoyed trying some of the things written here.

Green Trust Free E-books Download Page
Many useful files/texts on alternative energy

No Tech Magazine
Just what it says. A very thought provoking and interesting read.

Evenfall Studios Wood Working Library
they have many free wood working texts available.

Practical Action
Practical Technology answers for fighting poverty

Low Tech Magazine
What it says. Not to be confused with No Tech Above.

Tech Library
A library of technical projects

Agrarian Nation
A very nice blog about old fashioned farming techniques.

Survival Spot Blog
They have links to many informative videos and a lot of useful information.

Hesperian Health Guides
Free Downloadable and purchasable bound medical guides.

I just went through my various bookmarks and I have over 100 sites that I browse for information. these are just a few. I realize that many are for a low technology lifestyle in case of a Major disruption. However I honestly believe that with our current situation, it may actually come to that. I pray it doesn't, however as the saying goes, "Pray for the best, Prepare for the worst."

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