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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Tradecraft in WWII - Resistance

This is a play list of 39 video's.

Look to the Auxiliary Units in Great Britain in WWII.  They were set up in case the Germans actually forced through landings on UK soil.  For the most part, for their training and organization they were classified as Home Guard or Defense units, however they were in fact Stay Behind Units.  To harass German invaders, report on their activities and a part of their mission not well mentioned, eliminate collaborators.

There were OB's (Operational Bases) setup throughout the countryside stocked with food, medical supplies, weapons, ammunition, explosives and communications equipment. 

© Heritage Trust Lincolnshire Used under Fair Use Provisions
Each OB was for one SDS (Special Duty Section) Patrol of 4 to 8 men.  Usually locals led by a Sergeant who was also a local.  Members of the patrol during training wore the standard Home Guard or British Territorial Army Defense uniform with standard insignia so as not to stand out from other troops in the area, to reduce the possibility of someone asking questions.

The AU's were trained normally over a weekend or two in Guerrilla Warfare, Assassination, Unarmed Combat, Demolitions and Sabotage near Highworth in Wiltshire.

A very good site about the AU's is the British Resistance Archive where I got the picture above.

I'm still reading that archive as it has a lot of very interesting information.

A subset of that site is the Special Duties Branch.  They also had OB's, however their main job was not Guerrilla Warfare, but of Observation and Report and the transfer of wireless messages and orders to and from the AU's.  They operated IN-Stations, OUT-Stations and SUBOUT-Stations.  Hit that link to read more about them.  The SD branch however was not all Home Guard personnel.  The OUT and SUBOUT stations were mostly run by regular Civilians.

From that page we learn this: "All these civilian observers had to be capable of operating under enemyoccupation. They were chosen from all walks of life: doctors, vicars, farmers, shopkeepers, housewives, and, atRingwood in Hampshire, a barmaid. They had no uniform and would undoubtedly have been shot as spies if caught."

With Obama's private force, (TSA - DHS) armed like the military, the militarized police department, his proclivity for issuing Executive Orders and taking unilateral action without the authority or blessing of Congress or the Constitution.  Shouldn't we learn a little bit from the past?

Shouldn't we start to make our own preparations?

To defend our families and our homes?

Look around our world today.

I will probably be updating this post several times with new things I find.

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