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Thursday, November 7, 2013

T-53 Update

Remember my Chinese T-53 in THIS post?  I got some finishing parts in todays mail.

 The spam can of ammo was purchased with the rifle

 The stripper clips were not and they plus the sling, cleaning rod, cleaning kit and the new recoil pad came in to day.

 With this recoil pad in place the rifle actually shoulders right for me.  Before it was too short and I couldn't get a proper cheek weld with the comb of the rifle.  If I had tried to fire it before I probably would have hurt myself.

 The lips in the receiver for the stripper clips needs to be cleaned up a little with my needle files.  The clips fit in very tight, not at all like my old SMLE clips did.  And in the picture you see a "CLIP"  in the top of the rifle, the "MAGAZINE" is at the bottom.  Pay attention it matters.  A "Clip" holds the rounds so they can be fed into a "Magazine"  Either through the weapon itself such as many older military rifles, bolt actions, and some semi-auto rifle and handguns employ, or through an adapter which can be attached to the magazine feedlips.

Saturday the boys and I will be taking this one over to the other property to pur some rounds through it to check it's function.

The test of it's accuracy will have to wait until I can get better access to a proper range.

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