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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

That was fun

That was the storm front that came through earlier.  Literally 3 minutes after I took and edited this screen shot a bolt of lighting struck VERY close as in the thunder and the lightning were almost simultaneous, then my power went out.  Also power for half of the my county according to the police bands.

Well after the power went out, I had to shut down my computer because the battery back can only run a "Server" like mine for about 4 minutes before the battery dies.  MY battery bank for my solar power backup system is crapped out, the GC-2 batteries are all almost 8 years old, when they normally are only good for 5-6 years.  So we spent the time in the dark.

Uhh no we didn't.

Between candles, flashlights and lanterns we were good.  I even listened to the police bands some more on my 2m HT which is a Baofeng UV-5R  Power finally came back up around 2317 that's 11:17 pm for those who don't use 24 hour format aka Military or European time.

So I've still got some video's to post.

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