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Tuesday, May 25, 2021

License Required: The Alarming New Mantra from Gun Prohibitionists -


ANALYSIS: Gun control proponents have latched onto a new mantra in their effort to reduce the number of guns—and gun owners—on the U.S. landscape, reluctantly recognizing that so-called “universal background checks” are not the solution to violent crime involving firearms, nor have they prevented criminals from getting guns.

The latter fact is underscored in a recent online GUNS magazine report covering incidents in several states where suspects have been charged with “felon in possession” of firearms. The “dirty little secret” is that criminals don’t obey gun control laws, a fact that seems elusive to gun control proponents.

So there’s a new strategy gathering momentum among anti-gunners, and according to Vox, this strategy comes from perennial gun control extremist Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ), who proposed on the 2020 campaign trail to require a license before purchasing a firearm.

Writing at Vox, reporter German Lopez observes, “A license system…is more comprehensive. In Massachusetts, one of the few states with a license system, obtaining a permit requires going through a multi-step process involving interviews with police, background checks, a gun safety training course, and more. Even if a person passes all of that, the local police chief can deny an application anyway. That creates more points at which an applicant can be identified as too dangerous to own a gun; it makes getting and owning a gun harder.”

The acknowledged end result is a reduction in gun ownership by placing hoops through which prospective gun owners must jump before they can exercise their rights under the Second Amendment.

And that’s where this scheme could collide head-on with the Bill of Rights. Reading Vox, and an Op-Ed in the by second-generation U.S. citizen Eric Ryu reveals what appears to be a complete lack of understanding about the differences between fundamental rights and government-regulated privileges.


Click the link to read the whole article:   License Required: The Alarming New Mantra


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