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Monday, December 29, 2014

Military stuff/WROL

I normally clean the bore from the chamber end, not like what they do in this video.

This is a basic primer, however I would strongly recommend using a 2 handed grip. either a Weaver, Modified Weaver, Isosceles or Modified Isosceles grip.

I am actually trying to work out a way for an Android phone or tablet and a VHF/UHF HT can be used for digital communications. Still having issues with it and need help. If you are a HAM and think this project might be interesting, let me know by sending me an E-mail.

And I haven't found a decent comprehensive Emergency First Aid video as if yet.

I've found a bunch of small 2-3 minutes videos that only concentrate on just one issue, but I'm hoping to find a video of the full US Military First Responder/first Aid/Self Aid training manual.


We can convince Ambulance Driver to MAKE a video for public posting on Youtube.

Anyone want to drop a whisperbug in his ear?

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