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Monday, September 4, 2017

Well that was fun

We survived Hurricane Harvey.  My house was basically destroyed.  My Suburban was destroyed.  My main computer was destroyed.  I'm typing this on my netbook that I set up to make KTD drives since it wasn't really good enough or fast enough for anything else.  I doubt my house is repairable, I KNOW my Suburban isn't repairable.  When Salt Water Surge basically buries your car to the roof top, there is nothing salvageable in that.

I was able to recover my firearms.  If you have been watching my twitter feed you'll know that my youngest son and I tried to clean up 3 of my Mossberg 500 barrels.  However that is about impossible.  The salt water did too much damage.

My Beretta 71 also came very close to that state, however I was able to get to it sooner.  My sons didn't bury it in the bottom of the pile of stuff like they did my Mossberg 500 barrels.  It's slide however will need a re-blue in it's future.  Dozens of magazines however may be beyond all help I can give, which is slightly upsetting since Tokarev Magazines are a little hard to find.

I also have to deal with over a thousand 12 ga. shells with corroded bases.  That is going to be fun.

Now on to the pictures.  I won't be able to give proper descriptions as this netbook is acting real goofy about certain HTML coding.

back of the house taken from 1 street over.

see that pile of stuff in the fore ground?  That was my ex-wife's house and it's gone.

according to a neighbor, the flood water were to the top of my suburban

he said the only part of it he saw was the roof rack

the water blew out the back window of the suburban

it took 2 days before I could actually drive on my street.  Between the water still being 3-5 feet and the downed power lines

you can see some of the flood water which was still over my street in places.

I lost windows, siding, parts of the roof.  The ceilings fell down inside raining insulation everywhere.

I was standing in almost a foot of water taking this photo. 

That WAS my bathroom window

and I used to have a walkway and steps in front of my house.

My Rubbermaid shed that held parts of my solar setup is in pieces, 2 of my charge controllers and one inverter is just flat out gone.

So you can see, I'm in bad shape.  I need to replace my suburban and a whole bunch of other stuff.

I'm really concerned because I had to register my sons in the school district almost 25 miles away, and there is no bus service, and I can't have them ride in the bed of the S-10.

If you can help us, any help would be appreciated.

My PayPal quick link is

If someone has a real inexpensive minivan or a car big enough for 3 big teenagers my 21 year old son who has Aspergers, plus myself, I really really could use it as quickly as possible.

My boys need to get back to school.  For now we have a roof over my head, although sleeping on the couch and air mattresses on the floor isn't exactly comfortable, it's more than some people have.

My oldest daughter, you might know as Sprog #1 has started a Go Fund Me campaign to try to help, if you can help here is the link.

The picture shown there is my Ex-Wife's trailer shoved against my storage shed.  My daughter took it from her car window as she still couldn't get out of her car because of the water in the driveway.

Please if you can help out, anything would be appreciated.

My kids and I and my Ex- Wife Michele, we have lost almost everything.  So if you have it to spare, please consider donating.

Thank you for reading my scribbles.

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