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Thursday, March 23, 2023

Connecticut Sues Four Gun Parts Company -

 The state of Connecticut sued four gun parts companies claiming that these businesses shipped 80% AR-15 lower receivers to customers in the state.

Connecticut bans unsterilized receivers, which it calls “ghost guns.” Law enforcement authorities set up a sting operation, purchasing gun parts online through the companies’ websites to see if they would ship the parts into the state. The companies targeted by the operation include Indie Guns, Steel Fox Firearms, Hell Fire Armory, and AR Industries. It isn’t clear how many attempted buys state authorities tried and failed to do or the other companies that were targeted.

“Ghost guns are an untraceable menace that exists for one reason — to evade law enforcement and registration,” Connecticut Attorney General William Tong said in the suit. “They are a threat to public safety, and they are illegal in Connecticut.”

This lawsuit comes on the heels of similar lawsuits filed across the country. New York City filed one of the first suits targeting multiple gun parts companies. The city offered to settle with the companies if they turned over customer data to the city.

Although some companies, such as Indie Guns, refused the deal, others, like Rainer Arms, did turn over the customer data to the city. Other cities and states took note of the Big Apple’s success and followed its lead. Cities such as Buffalo and San Francisco have launched their own suits against many of the same companies as Connecticut.

Click the link to read the whole article:  Connecticut Sues Four Gun Parts Company

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