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Saturday, December 22, 2012

I'm putting together a new preparedness related youtube channel

I was reading a post over at the Preparedness Advice Blog.  He posted about how the show Doomsday Preppers was giving out bad information by their own "Experts" and how it also affected the perception of persons who actually choose to take responsibility for their or safety. (Does that sentence sound right to you?  It sounds a little bit off to me)  Anyway, the show makes "Preppers" look in some cases like idiots and others dangerous loonies who shouldn't be allowed out without proper adult supervision.

But Any Way

The light bulb went off over my head.  It actually illuminated my keyboard, it really did.  but here is the comment I left, I don't know if he will approve it though, but here it is:

Would anyone be interested in doing a Guerrilla Preparedness show to be uploaded to youtube? I have several youtube channels, one I’m not using for anything right now. If people would be willing to make their own videos and send them to me I’d be willing to edit them together and post them on that extra youtube channel of mine and post them on my blog. They would also be made available to any Prep related blogs and sites.
My blog is and two of my youtube channels are :

Like I said I have a third channel which I haven’t uploaded anything to that I would make available to anyone who wants to make a vid but doesn’t want their personal info out there.

I will NOT post any anti government garbage or rants. Only prep related videos.

If anyone is interested hit either one of my e-mail addresses on my blog, I’d prefer you use the greylocke one as I check it several times a day, the txfellowship e-mail only gets checked every other day.


Yes if you want to create a preparedness related video and DO NOT want to put your personal information out there, you can send me the video, or upload it to google drive or drop box or something like that.  I will get the video, edit it and then upload it to youtube on my extra account then post the video here so any other preparedness related site can grab the embed code if they want to post it on their blog.

If you do a video to send to me, please make sure it is under 10 minutes,  there is NO PROFANITY, I will not post a video with profanity in it, nor any other objectionable material.  Keep it related to preparedness, no black helicopter, government conspiracy or anything of that nature.  Also if you don't already have one create a throw away e-mail account that WILL be included in the video description in case someone wants to ask you about something you are doing in the video, also the comments for the video will be open so you can see the feedback you receive from it.

The videos on that channel WILL NOT be monetized.  What that means is, I will not be making any money off of them, also there should be no ads being played in front of the video as well.

When you send me the video zip it up and include a small text file description.  The description should state what exactly you are doing, a brief synopsis the contact e-mail for you, and if you do have a blog or a web site and want a link to it, put that in the text file as well.  When do your video please save it in .AVI, .MPG or .WMV format.  My editors work with those formats.  I don't want to have to download another codec or program to try to edit the video.  It wastes my time, and I'm not getting paid for this.  There will be opening titles and ending titles edited into the video, so if you have anything in particular you want them to say, put it in the accompanying text file.

Can anyone think of ANYTHING ELSE?  If you can leave it in the comments or send me an E-mail at my greylocke account over there on the right where it says "Send a Missive".

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