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Friday, August 30, 2013

The Stupid is Strong in this one.

"I think the question that should be asked is do we have to kill? Why can't we find better solutions that keep those deer alive?" said Anja Heister of In Defense of Animals.


The activists, who recently turned in a legal petition with what they called a new expert analysis that casts "serious doubt" on justification for the killings, point to birth control as a humane way for handling such situations."

I used to live in St. Louis Missouri where the municipality of Town and Country tried to trap and relocate nuisance deer.  Over 80% of the deer they relocated died from shock in the next several months.

Other municipalities tried putting foods laced with birth control drugs out where the deer could get them.  There were then a few reports of deformed deer being born.

The only Humane way to control herd size is controlled culling.  The safest way to perform a controlled culling in Bow Hunters. 

Yet people are being killed and injured from hitting deer in accidents, property damage continues to occur, and the Enviro-Nazi's continue to block adequate control measures.

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