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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Japan's new carrier

Over at War is Boring there is an article that discusses how all the hype and disinformation about Japan's newest carrier is #1 disingenuous and #2  flat out lies.

"Yes, the Izumo will be a useful tool for patrolling the disputed Senkaku islands out in the East China Sea, but with no well deck for launching hovercraft and other amphibious vehicles, they are poorly suited to getting boots on the ground against a Chinese incursion — presumably armed with anti-air missiles. It is likely to be a much better patrol ship and an even better humanitarian aid vessel. Helicopters make a lot of sense in a disaster zone, particularly when operating the kinds of rescue missions seen in 2011"

Given the Japanese record since WWII, I myself am more inclined to believe Japans explanation about their newest carrier.  It is for coastal defense and humanitarian operations.

And as I have been dissing on the F-35 for the last week, I highly doubt the newest Japanese carrier could be setup to use the F-35 without a major refit costing hundreds of million Yen and still not providing enough room to operate enough of the F-35 tactically or reliably.

The Japanese do have a history of providing equipment and personnel for humanitarian missions and they are very good at it.

This new aircraft carrier of their isn't really an aircraft carrier.  It IS a helicopter carrier.  And while helicopters are aircraft, when I think of an aircraft carrier, I and almost everyone else thinks of planes.  Strike planes, attack planes, fighters, ASW, resupply, etc ad nauseum.

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