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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Climate change is Rea uhhh wait a sec

"Summary: While climate scientists quietly work, the noisy action has been on the policy frontiers. Activists on both sides play for the crowds, often using the standard sales tools of exaggeration and misrepresentation. Advocates of action had more supporters among journalists, and were able to do this on a larger scale. Unfortunately Mother Nature responded with the pause, undercutting their forecasts of imminent doom (forecasts beyond anything in the IPCC’s work). Now come the consequences, as people defect from the cause."

Oh dear....

The Science may not be settled after all.

The whole AGW/Climate Change/ Global Warming garbage is a thinly veiled attempt to legislate behavior that leftists want to change.

The facts and data are out there if you bother to do the research yourself.

And don't think a simple google search will give you all the answers/facts/data.  It won't

It means get your butt up go to the library, use the interlibrary loan program, find someone to go into the stacks and make copies for you.  In short the same type of research I've been doing for the last 20+ years

Once you start looking you will find, like I did, that several seemingly unconnected things are in fact connected.

Don't believe me?

Do your own research.

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