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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Taking care of business

I've been busy.

I have #2 Sprog going to college this next weekend and the kids  all heading back to school in the next few weeks.  So I tapped my 401k account for a loan.  I made sure to get enough to get one project finished.

So today while I have the largess of funds, I've been ordering parts.

Here is what I've been ordering.

Surplus Ammo & Arms 16" 1:8 HBAR AR-15 Upper Receiver - No BCG, CH, - 5.56

P-Tac AR-15 8620 Bolt Carrier Group

Stripped Blemished AR-15 Upper Receiver

Magpul PTS MBUS Front & Rear Back-Up Sight Set Dark Earth Color Polymer

AR-15/M16 .223 30RD Polymer Magazine #MAGAR-01

AR-15 Charging Handle #ARCH

Next up I'm ordering #2 Sprogs last 3 textbooks all $400.00 dollars worth, so she will have all of her books she needs.

UGH!  And I still need to make sure I have $$ set aside to go to St. Louis for the mediation on my workcomp case.

Once I get all my various components together into a working rifle and have it sighted in, I will give it a test and post here how it all does.

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