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Monday, August 26, 2013

KTD Drive Creation

If you have purchased a KTD Drive or made your own and want to copy it for others, I'm going to give you the quick and easy instructions on how to do that.

First you need a little bit of software to make it easy, plus you need to have room on your hard drive.  About 40 GB's just to be sure.

The programs you will need to copy a KTD drive are at the links below.

ISO Recorder

IMG Burn

Now here we go on how to make a bootable copy of your KTD Drive.

Install the two above programs

Plug your complete KTD Drive into USB port.

Use ISO Recorder to create an ISO of the KTD Drive on your hard drive.

It will take over 26 GB's so be sure you have the room on your drive.

It could also take several hours.

Once you have the ISO Image file saved you can burn the image to other USB Thumb drives.

To burn the ISO to a new thumb drive use IMGBurn.

Plug formatted 32 GB thumb drive into USB Port. (Be sure you have formatted it and if you have the U# program on it use the U3 Removal tool from HERE first

Open IMGBurn.

Select the KTD Drive ISO file.

Select the USB Drive as the target.  Click Burn.

Come back in a few hours and you will have a new KTD Drive.

Verify that it works by booting a separate computer with the new drive.

Please if you copy your drives don't charge for them.  Hae the person you are copying it for supply the Thumb Drive.  Preferably a 32 GB, Sansdisk, PNY or Kingston drive.  Those drives work well and boot most IBM/AMD Architecture computers.  Unless the computer is running Windows 8.  I'm still working up special instructions for using the KTD Drive for Windows 8 Computers.  All i will say about that, is that it is a pain in the patoot.

As usual if you have a problem use my greylocke e-mail over on the right side under where it says "Send a Missive"

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