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Friday, August 23, 2013

Why don't we hear Feminists screaming

about this?

"MUMBAI (Reuters) - A photo journalist was gang-raped in the Indian city of Mumbai, police said on Friday, evoking comparisons with a similar assault in New Delhi in December that led to nationwide protests and a revision of the country's rape laws."

Instead of yelling about a so called Republican "War on Women", why don't they get outraged about a REAL War on Women.  There have been estimates as many as 2000 women a MONTH. And yet all we hearis that Republicans are waging war against women.

Remember Filner?  Remember Wiener?  Uhhh what letter is after THEIR names?  That's right (D) for DEMOCRAT.

And yet it is the REPUBLICANS, somehow that have a war on women.

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