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Friday, October 9, 2015

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UN high post, ensnared in alleged bribe case, ripe for risk
The UN as it is now, is nothing but a corrupt organization that should be shut down and disbnaded. It HAD noble goals in the past, but special interests and $$$ have corrupted it's original mission.

Pentagon giving up on building new Syrian rebel force
This whole debacle can be laid directly at the feet of President Barrack H. Obama. He set the rules, he set the terms of engagement. He dictated who was and wasn't to get support. He is fully and totally to blame for everything that is happening, including the increased Russian influence in the region.

Anti-violence programs shut down as Chicago shootings climb
When you make it so the people can't easily get a means to protect themselves, (In Chicago even Pepper Spray/Mace is regulated), they are easy prey to the criminals. Remember, when seconds count, the Police are minutes away.

APNewsBreak: Judge ends oversight in Amish girl chemo fight
Did you cath that last bit? "Hospital officials said they were morally and legally obligated to make sure the girl received proper care." Uhhh no. If you were there wouldn't be any accidental deaths due to neglect or malpractice. All they wanted was to charge the insurance company for as much money as they could get. That kid was a cash cow for them and they weren't going to give that up.

Mideast unrest spreads to Gaza as stabbing attacks continue
If Israel was really as bad as the UN and all the idiots claim, there wouldn't be ANY attacks. Why? Because Israel would unleash the full force of the IDF and Mossad. And the walls would be painted with blood and the rivers would run red. But Israel does NOT do that. They are committed to a PEACEFUL resolution, if only Hamas would actually bargain in good faith and Iran and Syria and others would QUIT supplying Hamas with money and weapons, there could BE a peaceful resolution. However that does not give certain Nation States their Boogeyman to keep mistreating their own people. Israel is the closest thing this world has to a TRUE Democracy, therefore it must be destroyed, according to some.

I'm not even going to go into the Business and Market News. Most of it is lies and Statistics.

And you know what they say about Statistics.

US boosts privacy protection on health insurance website
It only took how long? And it still doesn't go far enough.

Hillary Clinton Accidentally Denounces Iran Deal
No she didn't. She'll say anything and make any promises she feels she needs to, in order to get elected.

First on CNN: U.S. officials say Russian missiles heading for Syria landed in Iran
Actually, why do I think this was intentional? Why do I think that some of those missiles were never intended to hit ISIS? Why do I think this was actually a technology transfer to a prohibited Nation?

Navy teaching members to combat ‘male privilege’
Why doesn't the Navy spend the money they spent on this and spend it on Maintenance for the Ships and Aircraft it is supposed to maintain?

Ex-Chicago public schools chief to plead guilty in contract kickback scheme
Do you wonder why we spend more and more to educate our kids and the kids keep getting dumber and dumber? Here is your answer.

Armed guards protect Senate Democrats as they demand new gun-control laws
You want to take away my firearms? You First. Then maybe we'll talk.

Obama weighs expanding background checks through executive authority
Of course he is. The problem is he DOESN'T HAVE THE AUTHORITY!!!!! But he won't let THAT stop him.

AZ sheriff: Feds ‘refusing’ to prosecute illegals
Of COURSE the DOJ under Obama won't prosecute. Obama WANTS as much strife as he can get. How else can he write more Executive Orders and Executive Actions?

Unbeknownst to Clinton, IT firm had emails stored on cloud; now in FBI’s hands
Right now with the way things are shaking out. I'm thinking that Obama and his minions are trying to hurt Hillary. Not take her out, but to HURT her. Because they want a deal, and they aren't sure Hillary will play ball with them if she wins the election.

House passes bill axing oil export ban, veto looms
Of course it does. If producers were allowed to export oil, there would be more jobs as the oil industry would be able to sell more oil, opening more wells, hiring MORE people. So of COURSE Obama will Veto it.

Looting is 'righteous tactic': Black Lives Matter leader compares Ferguson rioters to those behind Boston Tea Party

No, Looting is THEFT. Pure and Simple.

Boys, 7 and 12, charged after being found with a loaded high-powered 'assault pistol' handgun, large sheathed knife and stun gun

What the HECK! Is an "Assault Pistol"? If you notice the caption on the photo, even the publisher used "Quotation Marks" around the words assault pistol.

Senior officials say President Obama will violate federal law by implementing key provision of Iran nuclear deal

Like he CARES!!! He will force it through no matter what, full speed ahead and DAMN THE TORPEDOES!!! It is his LEGACY!!! He WILL get the deal one way or the other and it will force the U.S. to not only bankroll terrorism through Iran, it will protect Iran's Nuclear Bomb Program from Israeli retribution.

That's it for me for today. My back is starting t spasm bad, so I'm going to take my meds and lay down for a bit.

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