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Tuesday, June 24, 2014


Peter has some info for you.  And it is something you really really want to read.

Deflation? Or hyper-inflation?

I know for a FACT that our dollar buys us less and less every other day.  I have seven kids.  You try feeding seven kids on the same budget month after month.  You will find that you have less and less food every month, and your kids keep getting bigger and bigger requiring more and more food.

A can of chili that used to contain 19 ounces and cost less than a dollar now contains 14 ounces and costs a dollar and fifty nine cents.  A ten pound chub of ground beef which used to cost ten dollars and sixty nine cents is still ten pounds but costs twenty four dollars and ninety nine cents.  A twenty four slice one pound package of american cheese that used to cost one dollar and nine cents is now sixteen slices and weighs just under a half a pound and costs ninety eight cents.  A dozen Grade A large eggs which used to cost ninety eight cents now costs two dollars and nine cents.

Packages are being downsized and then their costs are increased.

I'd much rather have my packages of food remain the same size and the prices go up.  That way I KNOW just how much food I'm getting for the price I'm paying.

So we are being lied to by the food producers and the grocery stores. And that lying is because if we truly KNEW what we are being charged the outcry would even be heard in Washington D.C.  And that would never do.

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