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Monday, April 19, 2021

The Dale 3 wheel car

I've always been interested in 3 wheeled vehicles. In fact, I live in a "Touristy" area and was thinking a 3 weheeled vehicle such as the old "Wildfire" could be used as taxis in my area. And was actually working on importing 6 of them here until the EPA Revoked their Importation Permits due to Emissions Standards. Which I found to be too bad, as the chinese company that built the "Wildfire" also made a larger version powered with a 1000cc engine that could get up to 90 mph on the highway and boasted 65 mpg, while having room for 7 passengers plus driver. The smae company also manufactures "Tuk-Tuk" 3 wheeled motorcycles with an enclosed passenger are, which I think would be good in my area to run from the various hotels to the beach and various stores. Alas, I didn't have the money in time to import the vehicles in time. If I had, the EPA would have grandfathered them according to their ruling, and I could have had a nice business to leave to my kids.

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jerseygirlangie said...

You might consider looking at the Piaggio Ape - a three wheeler with a long production history .