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Thursday, May 10, 2012

The saying goes "Turnabout is fair play"

The LA Times is all ZOMG!  Someone at a Romney event called Obama Treasonous!  Romney needs to repudiate and correct them.

Don't believe me?  HERE is the link.

I have a novel idea.  Republicans will call out their followers for such behavior as soon as Democrats do the same.

That's not so bad is it?

But of course you know, it will never happen.

The Libs and the Democrats need to whip up their base.  They will NEVER call their base to task for their words or actions, but will ALWAYS scream that the Republicans need to call theirs to task.

Can we say DOUBLE STANDARD?  I knew you could.

Sorry folks, you can't get it both ways.  If you truly want real civility, you need to tone down your own rhetoric and fear mongering.  But you know that if you do, your base will actually see the forest for the tress, and you cannot have that.

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