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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Why is the media trying to get us at War with North Korea?

The media is reporting a story about US and South Korean Special Operations troops parachuting into North Korea to do "Something"  They are speculating as to what if any troops are jumping into North Korea.  However, the media should know that if troops did jump into North Korea, they probably just signed the death warrant for those troops.

"U.S. military officials are scrambling to dismiss a report that U.S. Special Forces have been parachuting into North Korea to gather intelligence about the regime's underground tunnels. As The Hill's Carlo Munoz notes, the original report in the Japan-based foreign affairs magazine The Diplomat went viral today for the obvious reason that infiltrating one of the most restricted and hostile regimes in the world via parachutes makes for a fascinating story. The push-back from U.S. officials that followed argues that the premise of the story is false because knowledge of North Korea's underground tunnel network is ubiquitous already. But would such intelligence really be so invaluable?" 

I know the media for the most part is full of liberals, but reporting this if it is true, could be what causes the death of any soldier who is performing the mission. If so, any reporters and editors who though it was ok to report this, needs to be charged for culpability in those deaths. Also there is the small fact, that this could very well cause the Cease Fire to come to an end. If you didn't know it, the Korean war never ended. All there is, is a Cease fire, there is no treaty, there is no declaration. The War is still in effect, just in abeyance with some flareups from time to time. However, this report if it is true, could be the spark to reignite the smoldering fire. Then there is the threat to those soldiers who may or may not have jumped into North Korea. This is sure to cause increased tensions on the DMZ, which even if the report is false, could still lead to the continuation of hostilities. And the death of hundred, or thousands of Koreans, North and South.

As such it is extremely irresponsible of any media source to publish a story like this. I understand the media needs to make some money but at the expense of the stability of the region and possibly re starting a war? I don't think their profits are worth that much...

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