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Friday, May 11, 2012

I'm a leetle bit upset at the moment.

I responded to a post by Daniel over at Gay Patriot and a comment by Even Hurst really annoyed me.

First go read the post by Daniel then come back here:

My comment was;

And the never will. Because they know the large portion of Obummers base, who I shan’t name, won’t stand for it. They saw what happened in California, and they KNOW who voted for and against Prop 8. The Dems won’t intentionally cut their own throat by offering legislation that will offend a significant percentage of their base

Mark — May 10, 2012

Evans Comment is;

Mark, I feel like you were trying to hold yourself back from using a certain word that starts with N. Go ahead. You say it in your garage with Boomhauer, like, all the time.

Evan Hurst — May 10, 2012

My response to that is;

@Evan Hurst, saying the word which starts with “N” in my house house now and when I was a child was a surefire way to get your head handed to you after it’s removal by one of my parents fists. It is NOT allowed in my house and for you to make the inference without knowing me, I find repugnant and disgusting.

So please quit foisting your beliefs upon others who do not share them and keep your disgusting comments to yourself.

Comment by Mark — May 11, 2012

This jerk weed doesn't know me from Adam, yet he feels that he can make aspersions on my character and infer that I'm racist. Where does he get off?Oh, I'm sorry he is a Liberal Democrat so he can say whatever he wants about anybody he wants as long a they are on the right or are conservative.  Well Mr. Hurst, do me a small favor before insulting people who you do not know other than from a comment on the innertubes.  Find out who you are talking to.  You know if you had bothered to even check you might have found out a little bit about me.  But instead you just jump in making false allegations and impugning me and my family for how they raised me.  I get a little testy when someone who doesn't know me or my family accuses me of racism.  Do you know Lacey Clay?  I do.  I met him several times in my fathers law office, I met his father Bill Clay many times as well.  Do I consider myself a friend of his?  No, I'm just the son of a fellow attorney who he met a few times.  Do you know former mayor Freeman Bosley Jr?  I do, I was doing security at the Housing Projects in North St. Louis when he came in to the town hall meetings to discuss problems in the projects.  I was one of the security officers who was honored for helping residents get help when a storm took out power to several of the buildings.  Do you know Clarance Harmon?  The former St. Louis City Police Chief and former mayor?  I do.  I was working Mack's Package Liquor on New Years Eve back in 94 I think when he rolled up himself and checked up on me.  Making sure I was ok as I was the only white person other than a few 7th District officers who was out at that time.

Mr. Hurst you don't know me.  And yet you feel you had to make some comment to make me appear as if I was racist.  I'm not.  If I was I would have been killed dozens of times over working in some of the most depressed areas of St. Louis at night, by myself.  Look up Kinloch, Mo. Berkley MO. Wellston MO.  Northwoods, MO.  Jennings, MO.  Country Club Hills, MO  Beverly Hills, MO  North St. Louis, South St. Louis, Central West End.  I worked security in all of those places and more, St. Charles County, Jefferson County, Warren County.  Any of the places I worked I could have been killed.  It wasn't 3 black people who tried to break into the quarry in Jefferson County to steal some dynamite, it was 3 white trash meth heads.  It wasn't a black person who put me through a 12 foot plate glass window because they didn't want to get arrested for shop lifting 3 cartons of cigarettes, it was a white POS who was already on probation for assault and attempted rape.  The only time I ever had a problem with black people was when I was trying to arrest 3 drunk black guys in a car they had stolen in california several days before.  And it was the regular customers who knew me, black and white who stepped in to help me with those idiots.

So before you start spouting garbage, be sure you have your facts right.

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