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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Judicial Muzzling of Free Speech and the First Amendment

"With all of the attention surrounding Brett Kimberlin, I attended Tuesday’s hearing in his “peace order” vs. Aaron Walker in the District Court of Maryland for Montgomery County. In the end, the judge granted Kimberlin’s peace order, and Walker ended up leaving in handcuffs."

Brett Kimberlin, use the legal system to threaten, harass, and silence his critics. Effectively limiting or removing their Constitutional rights, with the tacit approval of the Judiciary.

If this stands, anyone can have their rights removed or limited without the recourse of a fair or impartial Judicial branch. A politician doesn't like his opponents, file for a "Peace" order so they can't say anything. You don't like a local reporter? File for a "Peace" order.

This is nothing more than the strong arming of people, a shake down of epic proportions. And the Judiciary is not only allowing it to happen, they are a willing and active participant.

Please spread the above story, don't let it happen to another. If you can help support the fight against the "Brett Kimberlins" of the world.

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