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Thursday, May 24, 2012

What you mean you actually thought the Democrats would

follow through on the agreement?

Democrats Violate Budget Control Act

The Budget Control Act is the compromise on federal spending that the Republicans and Democrats entered into last summer, as part of the deal whereby the Republicans agreed to increase the federal debt limit. That increase was conditioned on spending restraint that was spelled out specifically in the BCA. Thus, for the current fiscal year, discretionary spending was capped at $1.047 trillion. That couldn’t be any clearer. But when Kent Conrad, outgoing Chairman of the Senate Budget Committee, forwarded the Senate Appropriations Committee its spending authority, the number was higher by $14 billion–$1.061 trillion. This is a clear violation of the Budget Control Act.

But the Democrats’ number is by no means random. On the contrary, the $14 billion that Conrad added is enough to match the discretionary spending that was called for in President Obama’s proposed budget–the one that not a single Democratic Senator or Representative voted for. So here the Democrats are engaging in the ultimate hypocrisy. They vote against the President’s budget because they do not want to associate themselves with its profligacy, lest they pay a price with voters. But then they turn around and slide the appropriators enough extra money to match the budget that they just voted against, confident in the belief that budgetary matters are too complicated for voters to understand, and that their friends in the media won’t blow the whistle on them.

Did you Republican Representatives and Senators actually think for a second, that the Democrats would ACTUALLY do what they agreed to?  After how many years of getting shafted?  Come on!  Open your eyes!!!  The President and the Democrats are going to ask AGAIN for you to vote for an increase of the debt ceiling, and again no matter what agreement you come to, THEY WON'T FOLLOW THROUGH!

It's time you guys get smart.  NO INCREASE OF THE DEBT CEILING!  NO MATTER WHAT!

Until they Democrats actually put forth a good budget don't approve a thing.

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