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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Obummer is pandering to his base again

Now when his polling numbers are down and he knows he is in trouble with the GLBT members of his base, Obummer FINALLY says that he supports same sex marriage.  And I can guarantee you, he will use this now as a hammer against conservatives and republicans.  He will say, "The Republicans and Conservatives and the Tea Party won't help push for the agenda of same sex marriage.  It's all the fault of them, that legislation cannot be passed."  Watch it, he will do this.  Because now, as his poll number decrease, as his campaign coffers empty from less and less donations and contributions, he is starting to realize, JUST how badly he has alienated much of his base.  For 3 and a half years he has done nothing to put forward the cause of same sex marriage.  And now when his re-election campaign is in trouble, it is suddenly an issue.  Where was his concern when he held a super majority in both houses of congress?  Why is it now when he and his political backers know they run a very real risk of losing not just the Presidency, but the Senate, to go with their loss of the House of Representatives?

It's a shell game.

You know the game street performers do?  Keep your eye on the ball and remember where it is as they misdirect your attention elsewhere.  Now where is the ball?  99% of the time you choose wrong.  Amazing that....  99%  Hmmmm that sounds almost familiar......  Where have I heard that before?

Ahhh that's right. the Occupy Movement and their 99% versus the 1%. The same idiots who were created by the Democratic Party, as the Liberal Left version of the Tea Party.

It's not real, it's just another distraction.

Just something else to distract people from what is really going on in Washington D.C.

Obummer doesn't really care about GLBT or same sex marriage.

All he cares about is his and his party's own personal power.  And he and they will use whatever they can to continue to hold on to the power they have stolen through illegal, unconstitutional means.  To them the Constitution is something to be subverted, unless it's words and meaning can be twisted and misconstrued to help them achieve their goals.

Obummer has already been threatening the final arbiters of the Constitution.  the United States Supreme court.  Several times he has made comments about "Judicial Activism" and the Obama Care needs to be upheld OR ELSE.

Or else what, Mr Obummer?

What other illegal unconstitutional act will you do next, to enforce your will on the Supreme Court and the country?

Can we run down the list of what you've already done?

Stacked the Voting Rights section of the DOJ with your believers.

Took control of over 30% of the economy through increased regulation and federal stimulus money stolen from tax payers and paid out to your supporters.

Attempting to take control of the entire healthcare industry through your so called "Affordable Care Act" which looks like the Supreme Court will find unconstitutional despite your threats.

Destroyed any gains the lives of our servicemen and women and gotten us in the war on terror, through your cowardly actions and inactions in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Egypt and other places.

I don't know if it's because you really are stupid, or if your ego is so great you think it's wise and honorable to undercut, defame and allow the destruction of our allies such as Israel, Turkey and the countries we have a missile defense pact with.

More than tripled the national deficit, that took over 200 years to get to where it was before you even took office.  And you tripled it in 3.5 years.

Allowed the National Deficit to exceed the GDP of the country.

I can keep typing for another hour at least, and I STILL wouldn't be able to catalog all the idiocy, you and your party has inflicted up on this country.

And you want ANOTHER term of 4 years?  So you can "Finish the job."  What job?  Totally destroying the country and everything it stands for?

And here you sit on national TV FINALLY saying that you support same sex marriage.

Mr. Obummer, you and I, and a whole bunch of other people know, that the only reason Same Sex marriage FAILED in California is because a LOT of YOUR base voted against it.

I won't say who they were, because I don't wish to be called racist.  But the facts speak for themselves.  And right now your main base is leaving you, so you are throwing out a Hail Mary pass hoping that GLBT members of your base will salvage your campaign.

Well I have news for you.  Many of the GLBT members of your base are, excuse my language please, but there is no polite way to say this.  The are sick of YOUR SHIT! to put up with you anymore.

And I'm quite sure that many of them realize that you are throwing this Hail Mary.  And many of your intended receivers, I'm quite sure they have already decided to stay on the bench as they can't tell the difference between you and the Republicans.

I apologize for my intemperate language.  There is just no other way to get the message across with the intensity needed.

ETA:  After finishing this post I started going through my Blogroll and found Gaypatriot already had several posts up about this  Linked below:

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